The brilliant military career of robert e lee an american civil war soldier

Robert e lee: virginian soldier, american citizen (review) robert e lee: virginian soldier, american religion to the soldiers in the civil war) and military. The us navy has named nuclear submarines after confederate generals, including the uss robert e lee, though these vessels are now no longer in service more perplexing is the guided missile frigate chancellorsville , which is in active service, and named after general lee and the confederate army's greatest victory in the civil war, which of. Joseph hooker (november 13, 1814 - october 31, 1879) was a career united states army officer, achieving the rank of major general in the union army during the american civil war although he served throughout the war, usually with distinction, hooker is best remembered for his stunning defeat by confederate general robert e lee at the battle. T homas jonathan stonewall jackson was born january 21, 1824 in clarksburg, virginia he graduated from west point in 1846 and began his official military career with the us army as a brevet second lieutenant in the mexican-american war from 1846-1848, where he first met robert e lee. - robert e lee in 1861, as the south prepared for war, thousands of men came forward to fight the war between the states was a dark time that set brother against brother and brought bloodshed to once peaceful american towns.

He became a soldier during the american civil war, robert e lee jr born october 27, 1843 rob apparently never envisioned a military career, never serving in. Whether robert e lee, stonewall jackson, nathan b forrest or joshua chamberlain to name a few, there is no mistaking the man during the american civil war 1861. Many people know robert e lee for his leadership during the civil war, however few are truly familiar with his distinct military strategy this lesson explores lee's civil war strategy.

Kat smutz summarises the life of the confederate general, robert e lee, who died 12 october 1870, five years after the end of the american civil war robert e lee, the 'e' being for edward, was a graduate of the united states military academy at west point soldiering ran in the family his. Robert e lee before the war, 1807-61 before the revolutionary war, the lee family was firmly established in the virginia gentry robert's father, henry light-horse harry lee, was a hero of the revolution, later a governor and congressman, and an intimate friend of george washington. The myth of the kindly general lee memorial day has the tendency to conjure up old arguments about the civil war that's understandable it was created to mourn the dead of a war in which. Re lee-fighting to the last living confederate soldier discussion in ' civil war history - general discussion ' started by whitworth , sep 12, 2008 whitworth 2nd lieutenant.

Home forums war of the rebellion forums civil war biography forums robert e lee about the american civil war lee embarked on a military career. You can't hope to understand the us civil war without coming to some kind of an understanding of robert e lee the south's preeminent commander was a larger-than-life figure in his own time, and continues to occupy a very prominent place in the american imagination. Robert e lee, addressing his soldiers at appomattox the civil war, vol 3, p 765) governor, if i had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their.

Walter herron taylor graduated from vmi in 1857 and served as gen robert e lee's adjutant general during the civil war the collection contains three civil war documents relating to col walter h taylor's confederate army service, including letter, order and dispatch. William harvey carney was an african american soldier during the american civil war who received the medal of honor for his actions during the battle of fort wagner. Robert e lee (1807-1870) robert e lee was a brilliant general and military strategist for the confederate army during the american civil war he was also one of the most distinguished and respected generals in the united states.

  • Robert e lee - early military career - commissioned into the elite engineering corps, later transferring to the cavalry because of slow advancement in the engineers, he did the best he could at routine assignments and on relatively uninspiring engineering projects.
  • Mention the surname lee to a civil war enthusiast or quite possibly any american that sat through a high-school american history class and the name robert e lee is the first one given in reply ask that civil war enthusiast to mention another lee that fought in the civil war and that.
  • How did robert e lee become an american icon the civil war had not been fought over that peculiar institution but was a strife between the principles.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for lee, the soldier at amazoncom read and the brilliant military commander of lee, noted civil war. Civil war legend robert e lee has been portrayed as a military genius who just missed victory it has taken a while, but it's about time robert e lee lost the civil war. Learn more about the life and military career of stonewall jackson, a confederate general during the civil war and hero of the american south, at biographycom general under robert e lee in. The battle of chancellorsville, fought from april 30 to may 6, 1863, is widely considered to be confederate gen robert e lee's greatest victory during the american civil war facing an enemy.

the brilliant military career of robert e lee an american civil war soldier Was he a good soldier a son of american revolutionary war hero henry light-horse harry lee, robert e lee graduated second in his class at west point and distinguished himself in various.
The brilliant military career of robert e lee an american civil war soldier
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