Personal philosophy of leisure recreation and play

My purpose in writing this introductory article for the philosophy of therapeutic recreation, volume ii, is to draw you into the subject of philosophy thoughtfully and with confidence exploring philosophies of therapeutic recreation should be more than an intellectual exercise done in a classroom to prepare students for a few exam questions. My personal leisure philosophy this paper describes my own personal leisure philosophy it addresses my motivation for taking this class, as well as showing how i have been affected by what is happening in the field of recreation and leisure fort bragg cleland ice rink essay university of mt olive. History and philosophy of leisure midterm leisure as promoting personal fulfillment and self-enrichment relationships among play, leisure, and recreation.

Recreation is an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time the need to do something for recreation is an essential element of human biology and psychology [2] recreational activities are often done for enjoyment , amusement , or pleasure and are considered to be fun . Leisure philosophy statement completed in rpt 200 2/6/11 standard: design not only are recreation and leisure good for every individual, but they also have the. Appreciate (a) the important roles that leisure and recreation play in different parts of the world and (b) the complex organization needed to provide leisure. 35 identify personal values and attitudes regarding leisure, recreation and play and take them into account when planning and implementing all work activities 4 operate within the policies and procedures of the leisure and health sector.

The leisure and recreation revolution in america was a result of factors including urbanization, immigration and industrialization with the development of electric street lights, trolleybuses and the subway, urban centers became safer and more accessible, which attracted more people to move into cities from the country. My personal philosophy of leisure, recreation, and play has been influenced by many factors these factors include work, educational, and personal experiences. Physical activity, recreation, leisure and sport are not only and support personal expression recreation, sport, physical activity and play can promote good. Participating in leisure and recreation activities can help you better manage stress and reduce depression leisure provides you the chance to find balance in your life it also puts you in control of how you're spending your time, which is an important consideration because you may feel overwhelmed by obligations. The creative use of leisure suggests a philosophy which may be summarized under the ideas of integrity of purpose, liberty to choose goals, ob jectivity, equality in fellowship, common command of skills, growth, and inner joy.

Philosophy leisure, play, and recreation are all words that have a nice ring to them for anyone it comes with a pre-determined sense of free time. This type of philosophy is important to recreation and leisure for individuals, groups, communities, and society because this type of philosophy protects the dignity of the individual it provides a sense of joy and self awareness through shared experiences in leisure activities. In hypothetical situation, if recreation, leisure and sport were to be eliminated from our society, life as we now know it would be considerable altered, negative effects on the economy would occur, which would lead to disruption amongst communities and their recreational systems dysfunction in families and the possibility of a personal life.

Chapter 3 early history of recreation and leisure 51 other play functions as a means of personal expression and 3 early history of recreation and leisure 53. Leisure (as recreation) is not a word that dewey would have likely used but purposeful activity, an active lifestyle, and play were all terms he would have employed i therefore entitled the chapter purposeful play as leisure. Personal philosophy of recreation and leisure services: my personal beliefs, morals and principles all stem from my respect of other people, i respect any one unless i get a good reason not to i am a very positive and upbeat person who thrives on seeing other people smile and be happy.

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Leisure and play in aristotle'sideal state 197 learn more about the necessity of leisure after some chapters specifying for the best city requirements to which the topic. We use words all the time that we've not thought about the meaning, intent of the word itself and my experience over the past 2 weeks of vacation proved something to me afresh: a lot of people have no idea what recreation means they don't have a personal understanding or philosophy of. A personal philosophy sums up what we as a person value most in our lives it is a reflection of the heights we wish to achieve and provides a clear idea on how we intend to go about it a philosophy does not merely sound-off our wishes but the most fervent desires and beliefs that define who we are.

The second section includes studies outlining the more social benefits of recreation for communities, social bonds and youth this compilation of the documented health and social benefits of recreation is a product of the continuing. Mission the recreation, sport and park administration program is committed to the graduation of professionally educated persons qualified to effectively deliver leisure services. Reveal how leisure and play developed in his writings to become central to his ideas about education, the socratic method, liberal arts, the practice of virtue, the discov- ery of new truth, and the correct way to practice philosophy.

Recreation & leisure programming unit 1 exam personal responsibility for practicing a healthy lifestyle focus on them being in control of the play. Use these thoughts and ideas to write a personal recreation philosophy this statement should include (in any order) what led to your interest in the field of recreation. Insight into recreational therapy philosophy, models, positive leisure and play attitudes, and positive decision making skills recreation and leisure are the. The recreation, parks, and leisure service leader, whether involved in direct service delivery, operating as a supervisor or engaging in managerial leadership, can best lead by example.

personal philosophy of leisure recreation and play Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates get started. personal philosophy of leisure recreation and play Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates get started. personal philosophy of leisure recreation and play Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates get started.
Personal philosophy of leisure recreation and play
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